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Cashback Plus Credit Card Rewards Calculator

Calculate the Rewards you could earn, every time you shop, with our new credit card

Your monthly spend

Tell us your average credit card spend per month and we'll show you how many Rewards you could earn per year. Rewards are displayed as a cash equivalent when redeemed. Annual fee applies.

To apply you need to be a mainland UK Resident, aged over 18 and earn at least £10,000.

This is how much you spend, per month, in grocery shopping, including online shopping.
This is how much you spend in shopping, per month, with our Cashback Plus retailers. You will receive a minimum of 1% in Rewards but watch out for our special offers.
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You can earn Rewards at all these places

These are a few of the great retailers who will offer you Rewards when you make qualifying purchases. All rewards are subject to the retailers' terms and conditions. See all of the Cashback Plus retailers here and watch out for special offers where you could earn more than 1% in Rewards.

This is how much you spend, per month, elsewhere. Exclusions apply.
Redeemed value per year
All supermarkets
Cash equivalent when redeemed
Cashback Plus retailers
Cash equivalent when redeemed
Cash equivalent when redeemed

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How are Rewards calculated?

You'll get rewarded when you use your RBS Cashback Plus Credit Card to pay for qualifying purchases. You will also earn 1.0% in Rewards for all contactless payments until 30th June 2015. Exclusions apply.

Contactless and supermarket offers come to you direct from RBS and are not in any way endorsed, sponsored, sold or promoted by contactless retailers or supermarkets nor is this implemented with contactless retailer’s or supermarket’s cooperation. Contactless is only available to customers with an eligible card.

5.00 Rewards = £5.00 when redeemed.


at all supermarkets


(minimum) with selected retailers


Everywhere else

View exclusions


  • Cashback obtained at point of sale when making a payment with your RBS Cashback Plus Credit Card
  • Branch counter withdrawals
  • Electronic cash transfers
  • Withdrawals from cash machines
  • Money transfers


  • Purchase of (including topping up) payment cards, vouchers, foreign currency 
  • Gambling transactions
  • Balance transfers
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