Helping you stay in control of your money

Alerts if you go overdrawn

To help you manage your money, these messages will let you know if you're about to slip into an unarranged overdraft or have items that are due to return. You can minimise or avoid fees by paying money into your account by the time given on your alert. We will only send you alerts after 8am, Monday to Friday and not on Bank Holidays.

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Helping you avoid or minimise fees

When will you receive an alert?

We will send you an alert to let you know if:

  • You don't have enough money in your account to cover a payment (e.g. Direct Debit) and we’re going to return it unpaid and charge you a fee 
  • You don’t have enough money in your account to cover a payment and we’re going to pay it, creating an unarranged overdraft and charging you a fee
  • You're already using an unarranged overdraft and we were unable to send you an alert in advance (e.g. if you make a payment on a train or plane and it's not possible to check there's enough money in your account. In these circumstances you may have already incurred an Unarranged Overdraft Usage Fee before we're able to send you an alert)
  • You've been using an unarranged overdraft for five or more consecutive days.

You can minismise or avoid fees by crediting your account with cleared funds by the time given on your alert.

We will only send one alert per registered account on any given day. If we send you an alert to inform you an item has been paid and you've gone overdrawn, you will not receive a second alert if a further item is returned unpaid on the same day.

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