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International payments service terms


Your agreement with us

These Terms form the agreement between you and us (The Royal Bank of Scotland plc). They explain how our mobile and Digital Banking international payments service works and set out the rights and responsibilities that each of us has regarding this service. You’ll still be bound by the terms of your account with us (your account terms) which contain all the terms applicable to your account. If there is any inconsistency between these Terms and your account terms, these terms will apply.

The meaning of certain words used in these Terms:

  • Agents’ charges are the charges applied by the other financial institutions involved in the payment.
  • A business day means Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.
  • The destination country is the country where the payee holds their account.
  • Europe means all European Union members (and associated territories) and from time to time European Economic Area (EEA) Member States (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) as well as Monaco, San Marino and Switzerland.
  • The IBAN is the International Bank Account Number used to identify the payee’s account.
  • A payee is the person you intend to pay.
  • A payment is the standard or urgent international payment you instruct us to make on your behalf.
  • SEPA is the Single Euro Payments Area. Wherever you are in the EU, EEA or the UK, you can make and receive non-urgent euro payments in this area under the same basic terms.
  • SWIFT is the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.
  • Where we refer to you this includes the association, company, individual, Partnership, society or sole trader using our mobile and Digital Banking international payments service.

1. Timescales for making payments

If you want us to send the payment on the same business day you instruct us

  • All payments will be sent on the same day as long as we receive your instruction to make a payment for you on a business day and before 4pm (UK time) if you want to make a Standard or Urgent payment or before 1.30pm (UK time) if you want to make an Urgent payment in Euros to Europe.
  • If we receive your instruction after these times, or on a non-business day, your payment will be sent on the next business day.
  • Details of when your payment will arrive with the payee can be found in the table at the end of these Terms.

If you want us to send the payment on a future date

  • If you tell us to make a future dated payment we’ll act on that payment instruction on the date on which you’ve asked us to make the payment.
  • If that future date is not a business day the process for making the payment will start on the next business day.
  • This service is only available on Digital Banking and not on mobile.

2. Cancellation of a payment

We can’t stop a payment once you’ve asked us to make it.

We can try and recall the payment for you but we can’t guarantee this will be successful. We charge £25 to recall a payment, whether the recall is successful or not.

If the payment is a future dated payment you can contact us to cancel it up to 4pm (UK time) on the business day before the payment is due to be made.

3. Accuracy of payment details

You’re responsible for making sure the payment details you give us are correct, including for example, the payee’s name and bank details such as their IBAN.

If you tell us that we’ve made an incorrect payment based on incorrect payment details you gave us, we’ll make reasonable efforts to recover the payment for you but we may not be able to recover it and we may charge you a fee for trying. If we can’t recover the payment we won’t refund you but if you want us to we can contact the payee’s bank to ask for the payee’s contact details for you.

4. What we’ll do if we can’t make your payment

If we can’t make your payment, we’ll usually contact you and tell you why or you can call us on 03457 24 24 24 to discuss. If we can, we will tell you why your payment can’t be made unless there’s a legal or security reason which means we can’t tell you.

5. What if your payment is returned to us

If the payment is returned to us, we’ll re-credit the account you made the payment from. If the payment is returned in a different currency from the currency of your account, it’ll be converted at the exchange rate which applies at the time we re-credit your account. This means the payment could be more or less than the original amount taken from your account.

6. Our general liability

Full details of our liability and where we might delay or refuse to make a payment can be found in your account terms. We won’t be responsible for any losses caused by circumstances beyond our control, because the situation was abnormal or unforeseeable (for example, due to extreme weather, terrorist activity or industrial action).

7. Currency Conversion

When you make your payment, you’ll be provided with a guaranteed exchange rate which we’ll use when converting your payment to the currency you want to send.

We will give you an indicative rate if:

  • We can’t provide you with a guaranteed exchange rate;
  • The payment is a future dated payment; or
  • We receive your payment request after the cut off time or on a non-business day.

If this is the case, we’ll tell you the exchange rate that was used as soon as we can after your payment has been processed. You can find more information about our exchange rates here.

8. Charges

If you are sending a SEPA payment, you are responsible to pay our charges and the payee will pay their own bank’s charge(s). For any other payment, the charging options will be shown to you before you complete the payment. Any charges payable by you will be deducted from the account you are making the payment from. Details of our charges can be found below and are also available from us on request.

9. How we use your information

To make your payment, we may need to pass some of your relevant personal information to third parties. We may also transfer this information to other countries as long as we think that anyone who we pass it to will protect the information as we’d expect. By asking us to make this payment on your behalf, you are confirming that you’re allowing us to pass your relevant personal information and any information about any other individuals who are named in your instruction. The information may also be accessed and used by law enforcement agencies and other authorities to prevent and detect crime and to comply with legal obligations. More information and our full Privacy Notice can be found here.

10. Charges and timescales

You can find information on charges and time scales here.

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