Pay Someone New iOS

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What is 'Pay someone new' in the mobile app?

With 'Pay someone new' in the mobile app you can make a payment using just an account number and sort code without having to set up the payee in Digital Banking.

  • From the Home screen, select the 'Pay' button from the account you would like to make the payment from, followed by 'Make a payment'.
  • Choose ‘Select payee’ then ‘Pay someone new’.

To ensure your money is safe, we will sometimes ask you to authorise a payment using Face ID/Touch ID on iOS or your app passcode.

You can pay bills and send money to friends or family even if they don't have a Royal Bank of Scotland account and you don't need your card reader.

If you would like to save the payee details to pay again another time while making a payment to someone new, you can use the 'Save payee details' option on the 'Check and confirm' screen.

Limits and timescales


With ‘Pay someone new’ you can send a maximum of £1,000 in a single payment. If you are making a number of smaller payments the sum of all such payments cannot exceed £1,000 in a working day. You can make up to five payments in the same period. The recipient will not appear in your saved payees.

Once a payment has been sent the payee's account should be credited instantly, however it can take up to 2 hours.

If you need any support using 'Pay someone new', message us via your app's 'Help' menu.