Paying Your Credit Card

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Here's how to pay your credit card in future, using which ever method suits you:

On Your Mobile App

  1. Log in to your Mobile app
  2. Select the account you want to make a payment from
  3. Select 'Payments and transfers'
  4. Enter the amount, and select the account you wish to pay
  5. Click 'Transfer' and then 'Ok' to complete the payment

On Digital Banking

  1. Log in to Digital Banking: Accounts in Scotland - Accounts in England & Wales
  2. From the left hand menu, select 'Payments and transfers'
  3. From the make a 'Payment or transfer' box select 'Make a payment or transfer'
  4. Select the accounts you would like the payments to go to and from, then select the amount and date
  5. Check the details are correct and click 'Confirm' to complete your payment

By Direct Debit

  1. You can set up a monthly Direct Debit for either a minimum, fixed or full amount
  2. You can do this by using our app or online banking 
  3. See the reverse of your statement for more information on Direct Debits

Over the phone

  1. If you hold a current account with us, register for Telephone Banking
  2. Call us anytime to make a payment
  3. Our sort code is found on the bank Giro credit slip on your statement
  4. If an account number is requested, please quote 00000000
  5. Your 16 digit credit card number is the reference to quote
  6. If you don't hold a current account with us, please call your bank to make a payment with us. 

In Branch

  1. Payment can be made by presenting your credit card and your bank Giro credit slip or providing your credit card number.

By Post

  1. See the reverse of your statement for the address
  2. Enclose a cheque and the completed bank Giro slip
  3. Cheques should be made payable to the credit card issuer
  4. We cannot accept post dated cheques
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