How to avoid fees and charges

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Credit card fees and charges

Helping you avoid payment penalties

Fees & charges Helping you to manage your account

A credit card has many benefits but to get the best from it, you need to be organised with your monthly payments otherwise you could end up paying fees and charges.

The two main fees you need to know about are:

  • Late Payment Fee – this will only be charged if you're late paying your monthly bill 
  • Over Limit Fee – this will only apply if you go over your credit limit in any statement period

Both of these fees cost £12.

Life can be busy and it's easy to miss your payment due date. Now if you miss this by a day, we wont charge you a £12 late fee. If you go over your limit by up to £12 we won't charge you a £12 over limit fee. 

Luckily, we have many options when it comes to paying your bill and managing your account so we can help you avoid these fees.

Alerts and reminders Know where you stand

Payment due date reminder

If you set up a payment reminder on Credit Card Online Services, we'll send you a monthly SMS alert and/or an email. This should give you plenty of time to make a payment to your credit card before your payment due date and avoid any late payment fees.


Credit limit alert

You can set up an alert to tell you when you're nearing your credit limit to help you avoid going over it and receiving an Over Limit Fee. To sign up for both of these alerts, log into Credit Card Online Services. If you have not registered for this service, then sign up here.

As well as being able to sign up for text and email alerts, you can also pay your bills, request a balance transfer and sign up for paperless statements.

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