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Cashback Plus

A little thank you just for using your debit card

Available on our personal current accounts held in mainland UK, except for Basic, Key and Cash accounts and current account mortgage products. Over 18's only.

Cashback Plus

Earn Rewards with Cashback Plus How Cashback Plus works

Feel rewarded everyday with award winning Cashback Plus


Now you can earn Rewards for the shopping you do every day. Just activate your account and use your RBS Visa Debit card at participating retailers and you’ll earn a minimum of 1% of your spend on qualifying purchases back as Rewards. There’s no extra card to carry. Just activate your Cashback Plus account, then shop and watch your Rewards balance grow.

As a minimum, £1 spend = 0.01 Rewards = £0.01 when redeemed 

Participating retailers Shop here and earn Rewards

All Rewards are subject to the retailers' terms and conditions.

Earn 1% Rewards with contactless transactions

Great news, now all Cashback Plus customers can earn 1% of their spend back in Rewards for every qualifying purchase made using contactless technology, until 31st December 2015.  Plus get at least 1% Rewards on qualifying purchases at participating retailers. Please note contactless is not available to all customers.

Read more about contactless payments
1% of your spend back in Rewards

Until 31 December 2014, we are offering 1% of your spend back in Rewards for every qualifying purchase made using contactless technology.

When paying for items that are £20 or less, look for the contactless symbol. Simply touch your contactless card against the reader, wait for a beep or green light, and once your payment has been confirmed you will have automatically earned Rewards.

In addition to the Rewards earned for a contactless payment, if the qualifying purchase is made within a participating retailer, you will also earn Rewards from the retailer as usual.

We are now issuing Visa Debit cards with contactless technology to all eligible customers. If your card has expiry date 07/14 or 08/14 your Contactless card will be issued in the next few weeks.

This offer is direct from RBS and is not in any way endorsed, sponsored, sold or promoted by Contactless retailers nor is this implemented with Contactless retailer's cooperation. Please note contactless is not available to all customers.

Redeem with Cashback Plus Redeem your Rewards

As soon as your Available Rewards balance is the equivalent of £5 or more, you can choose one of the following options:

New to Cashback Plus? Get started today

You will need a RBS personal account held in mainland UK (except for Basic, Key and Cash account and current account mortgage products) and be over 18 to qualify for Cashback Plus. If you already have an eligible bank account, then visit the activation page to get started.


Already signed up? Visit the Cashback Plus website

If you’ve already activated Cashback Plus, you can visit the Cashback Plus website to check your Rewards balance and see the latest retailer offers.

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