International Students - RBS - Proof of student status

Proof of student status must always be provided when opening a Student Account as an international student along with one other item proving your UK residential address.

You can provide any of the following:


  • The letter must be on headed paper.

  • It must also include the UCAS/NMAS application number and match the address on the application form.

  • Acceptance letter from the Nursing & Midwifery Admissions Service (NMAS) is acceptable too

Student Loan Company/LEA/SAAS Award Letter:

The award letter must: 

  • Have an address on that matches the one you use to apply for your Student Account.

  • Be on headed paper. 


University/College Letter of Acceptance/Enrolment Offer/ Enrolment Certificate:

  • Letters should be on headed paper and addressed to the Bank or to you at your application address.
    It can be an original letter, an email or an internet print

  • The letter must confirm you are onto the course and match the address on the application form

  • The letter must be issued by a Government/LEA/SAAS funded University/College. If issued by anyone else this is not acceptable.

  • Letters from a language schools are not acceptable.

  • The course must still have six months left to run for the letter to be accepted unless it’s an English course.

  • Where you are going to study an English course before another higher education/university course and the English course is less than six months long, you must provide details of the English course and the higher education course/university course that you intend to take after it.
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