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Student Living Index 2015 Sports and Fitness

The RBS Student Living Index, compiled in partnership with an independent research company, takes a sample of 2486 students to give you an idea of how students are spending their money, how much they are spending and how many hours they are spending on different activities.

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The Sport and Fitness section is compiled by weekly spend on a range of different sports and fitness activities, including football, rugby and gym membership.

Highest Expenditure on Sport and Fitness Lowest Expenditure on Sport and Fitness
Cambridge Plymouth
Liverpool Norwich
Leicester Oxford
Dundee Nottingham
Portsmouth Manchester
  • Bristol is the most cost effective city for sports and fitness for students.
  • Cambridge students spend the most on sport and fitness at an average of £36 per week.
  • Students spend the most on gym membership, at around £4, followed by football at just over £3 and swimming at £2.50.
  • The least money is spent on Rugby League, cheerleading and netball.
  • Leeds students spend the most on sports/gym membership but are also in the top 5 when it comes to expenditure on going out.
  • Seven times more is spent on Rugby Union than Rugby League.
  • Although Cambridge students spend the least compared to any other city on swimming, they spend the most on gymnastics and cricket, spending £11 per week, compared to an average of under £1.
  • Liverpool spend the most on athletics, football and both forms of rugby, but least on tennis.
  • Compared to 2014, students in Oxford and Norwich still remain two cities with the lowest spend on gym and sports membership.
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