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Lost, stolen or damaged debit cards

Whether your card is stolen, lost or damaged. We're here to help 24/7.

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I think my debit card has been stolen

If you think your debit card - or any of your card details, such as the PIN - may have been stolen, you should report it to us to avoid the possibility of fraud.

Please check the transactions on your account, and call us as soon as possible on:

UK: 0370 600 0459
Overseas: +44 1268 500 813
Minicom: 0800 917 0526

Lost wallet in street

Once you’ve reported your debit card as lost or stolen, we will send out your new card which will be with you in five working days.

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If your card is damaged or lost, you can order a replacement online in less than 2 minutes – that's less than half the time it takes if you were to phone us (5min 10s). Simply log in and go to the 'Cards' option in the left hand menu, then choose 'Manage your debit card' or 'Manage your credit card'.

From there, you can choose 'Report your card lost and order a replacement' or 'Order a replacement for a damaged card'.

Log in to order a replacement card
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Support when you need it Need emergency cash?

If your debit card is lost or stolen, our emergency cash service makes sure you can access your money from our cash machines.

To get emergency cash call us:

0370 600 0459, Minicom 0800 404 6160

You’ll need to have the money in your account to withdraw it and a minimum of £20 in your account to use the service. Digital and telephone banking customers will be able to access up to £300. If you’re not registered for these services, you'll still be able to withdraw up to £60 to tide you over.

Withdrawal amounts may vary.

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