Cancel Overdraft

If you're not using your
overdraft at all, you can
cancel it

Cancelling your overdraft won’t take long

If you’ve got an Arranged Overdraft in place and you really don’t think you want it any more, we’ll show you how to cancel it.

Things to keep in mind…

If you cancel it, you might go into Unarranged Overdraft which could be more expensive. Here’s an example for an Unarranged Overdraft over £10
We won't charge you more than £80 in a monthly charging period for an unarranged overdraft or any unpaid transactions.

How to cancel your Arranged Overdraft

Treat it as a new application

Use the ‘Ready to cancel’ section. As you’re changing a form of debt, we have to go through a formal process.

Request a limit of £0

If you want to remove an overdraft limit, you simply need to request a new Arranged Overdraft limit of £0.

Submit your application online

Apply online using the section below. Once you’ve submitted it, we’ll try to action it as soon as we can.

Ready to cancel?

Our online application is available between 6.30am and 9.45pm on weekdays and between 6.30am and 9.55pm on weekends.

Do you have Royal Bank digital banking?

Great! Looks like you're all set and ready to go.

To cancel your Arranged Overdraft online you need to be registered for Digital Banking.