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What's changing

We’re committed to helping you stay safe and secure online and are continuously investing  in new fraud prevention tools and the latest security technology to keep you protected online.

Following a review of our existing services, from 31st January 2019, we will no longer offer IBM Rapport software. The security and fraud prevention technologies we now use provide you a higher and far broader level of protection.

As a valued Digital Banking customer, you will continue to be protected as part of our Secure Banking Promise.

If you currently have Rapport installed on your computer, please see the guidance below.

Useful information

We continuously invest in fraud prevention tools to better detect fraudulent activity. This technology is embedded within our systems to give enhanced protection across all devices used to access our digital services so  we can still keep you safe when you bank with us online and through our mobile app.

We currently sponsor our customer’s usage of Rapport, which gives protection when using our websites. Once we end that sponsorship, our webpages will be removed from Rapport’s enhanced protection list. This means that the Rapport icon in your browser will remain grey when you visit Royal banks's webpages in future. Rapport will remain on your computer and will continue to offer protection from malware against those pages you have manually added and any other companies using IBM Rapport.

Unless you bank with another provider who offers Rapport, we suggest that you uninstall the product, as per guidance below.

After 31st January Rapport will no longer work with our websites, therefore, we suggest that unless you bank with other financial institutions who provide Rapport, you remove Rapport from your computer.

Instructions on uninstalling Rapport are below:

If you need any further guidance on how to protect yourself online after this change please review our support page below.

Fraud Guide

This change does not impact your rights or Terms & Conditions.

All Fraud is reviewed on a case by case basis, and customers will continue to be protected by our Online and Mobile Secure Banking Promise, which you can read more on here;

How we protect you

Secure banking promise

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