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Discretionary portfolio investment services

Important to know..

You may have invested via one of our discretionary portfolio investment services before 3 December 2012:

Multi-Asset Portfolio Services (MAPS)

Investment Management Services (IMS)

Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

Investment Portfolio Service (IPS)

Unit Trust Portfolio Service (UTPS)

You can find the specific name of your investment in your contract note or your most recent statement, however if you are unsure which investment you hold or have lost your letter please contact us (see below for details).

Review our FAQ's below

You can call us on for an up to date valuation of your discretionary portfolio investment.

Call us:

0345 300 3991

Lines are open: Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (excluding bank holidays).

Calls may be recorded.

You will receive your investment reports on a quarterly basis:

  • Cautious, Growth, & Capital Preservation portfolios reports are issued in February, May, August, & November.
  • Balanced, Higher Growth,  Capital Enhancement & Income reports are issued in March, June, September, & December.
  • Equity Tilted, All Equity, & Capital Generation reports are issued in January, April, July, & October.


You can add to your investment by writing to us. Please state your Royal Bank of Scotland account number and sort code that you would like to use to fund the investment or enclose a cheque made payable to The Royal Bank of Scotland plc. 

We will then contact you to discuss the costs and charges associated with the new investment. Please note you will need to be a UK Resident to be able to add new funds to your portfolio.

Send us a letter signed by all portfolio holders confirming how much you would like to withdraw from your investment and which account you would like the money to be paid to. We can only make payments to you or an account in your name.

Withdrawing money from your discretionary portfolio investment may require the sale of some of your investment assets.  This may trigger a tax liability. If you are unsure of your position you should seek independent tax advice.


We may need to give you an application form to open an ISA or in some cases renew an ISA subscription. We can provide the form if you ask us.

You can set up automated ISA funding where money from your non-ISA portfolio is moved into an ISA in each tax year. This facility funds your ISA each year if the non-ISA part of your portfolio contains enough to cover your full ISA allowance and leave approximately £3,000 or more in the non-ISA part of the portfolio. If you opt out in one tax year, you need to opt back in for the money to be automatically moved in the next tax year.

How to contact us

For Discretionary Portfolio Investment Services call us on 0345 300 3991. Text Relay (prefix the number with 18001). 

The lines are open: Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (excluding bank holidays). Calls may be recorded.

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