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Caring for a
vulnerable relative

Are you caring for someone who needs additional support?

Learn more about the support available, information on Powers of Attorney and Third Party access. It's important to be clear about your role and if you're caring for someone, it's a good idea to let their doctor know.

Power of Attorney

If you're caring for a vulnerable relative, you're most likely dealing with their financial affairs too. A Power of Attorney is a document that allows someone to appoint a person or organisation to manage their affairs if they become unable to do so. An attorney should be someone highly trustworthy; for most people that's a family member or a close friend. 

A Power of Attorney needs to be arranged while someone is still capable of making their own decisions in order to grant it. 

You can appoint and register a Power of Attorney at

You'll need to register a Power of Attorney with us, find out which ones we accept below.

Which Power of Attorneys do we accept?

To register a Power of Attorney with Royal Bank, we require a Power of Attorney document that deals with the financial and property affairs of the customer. This can cover selling their home, paying the mortgage and bills and making investments.

There are several different types of Power of Attorney and it is important you use the correct one for your circumstances. When deciding which type will work for you, read the information on the different types of Power of Attorney, via the Office of the Public Guardian website.

Royal Bank only accepts Power of Attorney documents drawn under the English and Welsh, or Scottish laws.

Register a Power of Attorney

To register a Power of Attorney with us, you will need to complete an Add Power of Attorney to an Account (PDF, 48KB) form and come in to any branch.

Please bring with you the original copy of the full Power of Attorney document or a copy certified by a solicitor. Please be aware that some Power of Attorney documents contain certificates which we will also need to view. Please make sure that the solicitor hands across all parts of the document.

We will need to see 2 forms of identification. Please refer to our list of acceptable identification.

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Acceptable identification for registering

To register a Power of Attorney with us, make an appointment with any Royal Bank branch and bring the following documents with you:
The original copy of the full Power of Attorney document or a copy certified by a solicitor. Please be aware some Power of Attorney documents contain certificates which we will also need to view.  Please make sure the solicitor hands across all parts of the document.
2 forms of identification. For acceptable identification please follow the link below.

Giving someone access to your bank accounts

Sometimes you might need help managing your bank accounts - you can do this by putting in place a third-party mandate to allow another person to access your accounts.

This form needs to be signed by you as the customer and the third party. When this mandate is in place the third party can:

  • Close accounts for the customer
  • Have a debit card, cheque book and paying in book on the account
  • Set up telephone and online banking
  • Arrange and cancel payments on the account

Other ways of managing someone's affairs

If there's no Power of Attorney in place, you can apply to the Court of Protection to be made a 'deputy'. This will allow you to manage their affairs under the supervision of the court who will make sure you act in that person's best interests.

The Court of Protection makes decisions on financial or welfare matters for people who don't have the mental capacity to do so. They can:

  • decide if someone has the capacity to make decisions for themselves
  • appoint deputies where the person lacks mental capacity
  • give you permission to make one-off decisions for someone who lacks mental capacity

Organisations that can offer support

Make the most of extra support available to help you care more effectively. The local authority of the person you care for may be able to help with this, you can find their details on the website. Other organisations will also be able to help.

A guide to social care

Information on Government services and allowances for carers

Expert advice, information and support

Advice on paying for the cost of care and managing money
Money Advice Service

Frequently asked questions

To register this with us, if the protected person holds a bank account with us, you will need to come into any branch to restyle the account to reflect your deputy status. This means you can take control of the existing accounts and operate them on behalf of the protected person.

If the protected person is not an account holder with us, we are able to open a new deputy style bank account for you to assist you with managing their affairs. You will need to take the original sealed and embossed court order appointing you as Property & Affairs Deputy and 2 forms of acceptable identification.

The branch will then send your paperwork to the designated court of protection for your application to be processed. We will let you know directly if they require further information regarding your case and inform you once the process is complete.

A Power of Attorney is a legal document which an individual can have put in place that allows another individual/s to look after their financial and property affairs and/or their personal welfare.

The duties the Attorney can perform for the other individual depends on the individuals' own capacity to run their financial affairs.

Find out more about what a Power of Attorney can do in the circumstances where the individual either has capacity or lacks capacity.

To add a third party to an account please print and complete a Third Party Mandate form. You'll need to print the form, complete it and bring it into a branch with your ID. 

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