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Life after

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Tools to help you plan following graduation

Savings Goal Tool

Set up a savings goal to help you save for a house, car or holiday.

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See how you can get in control of your debt with our debt calculator tool.

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Budget Calculator

Use our calculator and manage your budget following graduation.

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Life after university

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Alex recently started his first job as a Marketing manager after graduating from Stirling University, but needs some good old fashioned money advice now he’s graduated.

Financial blogger Iona Bain helps Alex take the step from student life to taking his first steps on the career ladder.

All you need for everyday banking after University

Graduate Accounts are available to permanent UK residents only, who have held a Student account with us or who have graduated from a full-time course of higher education (lasting two years or more) within the last 3 years, this includes completed training as a nurse.

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