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Couple on sofa opening present

Christmas survival guide. Couple on sofa opening present

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5 ways to spend less at Christmas

If like many of us you’re feeling the pinch at this time of year, here are a few ideas on how to spend less. And better still, feel good about it.

Use an app to manage your budget

With all the presents and extra food to buy, it can hard to stay on top of your spending at Christmas.


Luckily, there are lots of apps out there to help you do just that. You can set yourself a budget and track what you spend on each person so you don’t overdo it in all the seasonal excitement.

Check prices online first

Even if you’re planning to do your shopping on the high street, make sure you check the prices online before you go.


That way you’ll know where to head first to find the best deals. 

Check cashback sites like Quidco

If you’re buying something online, get money back just by going through a cashback site first. It works like this:


You sign up with the cashback site, then click through to the retailer you’re planning to buy from, once you’ve purchased your items you’ll get money back.

Search online for voucher codes

Do a quick search for ‘discount codes’ online you might be surprised at what you find including money off vouchers or free delivery codes.


You can also sign up for sites like Groupon or Itison to get daily deals, like spa or hotel breaks emailed to you at discounted prices - meaning you can still give a great present for less. 

Save with Secret Santa

It gets expensive if you’ve got to buy a present for everyone in the family. So instead, put all names into a hat and just pick one person each to buy for.


It’s great fun, and you can even set a limit of £5 or £10, so it’s fair all round.

Edinburgh Christmas markets

5 ways to spend less. Edinburgh Christmas markets

Christmas Checklist

We know it’s the busiest time of year, so to make the big day go without a hitch check out our Christmas checklist.

1.    Make sure you’ve got enough sellotape, gift wrap, tags and batteries for the kids presents

2.    Start stocking up now on drinks, ice, crisps, napkins and crackers

3.    Start to make some space in the fridge and freezer so you’ve got room to fit it all in

4.    Remember to pick up the turkey and defrost it in time – it can take a couple of days to thaw

5.    Do any cooking you can early – give yourself time for the trifle jelly to set and if you need a little help getting your timings right on the day, there’s dozens of apps to help you plan the perfect dinner

6.    Remember to get your Christmas outfit looked out– a woolly jumper or bit of sparkle

7.    Check you’ve got enough chairs for all the family and plump up granny’s cushions

8.    Have an emergency present or two for unexpected guests that catch you by surprise

9.    Chill the bubbly and set the table the day before

10.      And if you’re getting on the road or traveling by train or plane, be prepared and plan your route

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