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Tips to help you save

Life doesn’t have to be boring when you’re trying to save a bit of cash. There are many different ways to save money – it’s just about finding the right ones that suit you. We’ve put together these quick tips to help you get started but take a look at the Money Advice Service’s cut-back calculator for more ideas.

Kick the caffeine habit

Can’t start the day without a coffee? Buying a £2.50 latte five times a week on your way to work adds up to about £54 a month or £650 a year. Whip up a brew at home before you leave the house instead. Prefer a few extra minutes in bed? Buy a reusable cup and take your coffee with you.

Drink tap water

Stop buying bottled water as the cost quickly adds up. If you can’t stand the taste of tap water, invest in a water filter jug. Buy a reusable bottle for when you’re on the go. That little change could save you a couple of hundred pounds a year. And it’s better for the environment too.

Make your lunch

Try and avoid the temptation to buy your lunch everyday. It quickly adds up. Wouldn’t a homemade sandwich made with all your favourite fillings be nicer? Or just make some extra dinner the night before and take that with you instead. Even if you just take your lunch with you four days a week out of five, you’ll be able to quickly build up your savings.

Sell your unwanted stuff

Dress you’ve never worn? Discarded toys? Unwanted gift? Declutter your home and make some extra cash by selling the stuff you don’t want or use. Try an online auction site or go to a car boot sale. If you’re selling online, just make sure you’re aware of the risks.

Shop around

Do your research and don’t just buy the first thing you see. When you’re buying a big-ticket item like a car or washing machine, use price comparison websites to make sure you’re getting the best deal. 

Use loyalty cards

Using a supermarket loyalty card could save you money on your weekly shop once you’ve earned enough points. Cashback websites are another way to build up points or cash as you shop.

Walk or cycle

Can you walk the kids to school instead of driving? Is it easy to pop to the shops on foot? Try walking or cycling to the office instead of driving or catching public transport. Could your family cut back to one car instead of two?

Switch to cheaper brands

Shop smart when it comes to your groceries. On the items you’re not fussy about, switch to the cheaper own-brand option. Don’t make yourself miserable buying it if you’re not going to use it but switch to the cheaper option where you can.

Cancel unused memberships

There’s no doubt exercise is good for you. But an expensive monthly contract won’t be doing you any favours if you haven’t set foot in the gym for three months. Could you switch to a cheaper gym or work exercise into your routine another way? Try running or walking to the office instead?

Voucher codes

Be a savvy shopper. There are many different websites that will email you discount codes and vouchers for different services or products. Also, keep an eye on your favourite brand websites and social media pages to see when sales are on and offers are available.

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