Buy to Let mortgage calculator

We call this an 'Agreement in Principle', but can also be known as a 'Mortgage in Principle' or 'Decision in Principle'

An indication of how much we could lend you

Note that by completing an AIP, you are not committing to apply for a mortgage with us.

A personalised illustration of our mortgage range

We don't offer multi-party (3 or more people) or guarantor mortgages.

Completing an AIP won't affect your credit score

We use a soft credit check at this step, which has no impact on your credit file.

What you'll need

Your income - this should match the amounts shown on your proof of income documents, e.g. pay slips and details of any other income you may have.

Rental income - detail of the amount of rental income you expect to receive. 

Your outgoings - details of any loan repayments and any credit card balances.

Your address - your current address and the date you moved to this address.

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