benefits of switching online

Easy switching The benefits of switching online explained


No valuation is required

When you are switching your existing mortgage to a new deal we do not require a new valuation. We will use the last valuation we have for your home. If you think your house value has changed you may want to instruct a new valuation.

If you do want to discuss your valuation you can do so by speaking with a mortgage adviser on the details at the bottom of this page.

No credit score or legal fees

As you are an existing customer you do not have to go through an application process or credit reference searches. There are also no legal fees. If you re-mortgage to another lender you may need to go through this process.


Choose your method of paperwork delivery

Details of your new mortgage deal will be sent to you once you have completed the online switching application. You can choose to have these documents sent to you by email or through the post.


If you choose to receive this information by email you will receive your documents in PDF format. You can then print off or save for your own records. If you are happy with your new rate, then call us to accept your deal over the phone or return the paperwork in the post.



You must accept your deal within 14 days and this date will be advised to you in the documentation you receive. This will ensure you secure the deal you have requested. Our products can change from time to time and if the acceptance of your deal is after this time period we may not be able to honour the product you originally requested.


Product fee

A product fee is part of the price of the product. This will only be taken once you have confirmed acceptance of the new deal, either by accepting the deal by phone or by returning your paperwork by post. At this point the fee becomes non refundable.

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