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An Agreement in Principle

Find out how much you could borrow without affecting your credit score.

What can you expect?


A breakdown of how much we could lend to you

A personalised illustration of our mortgage range

Will not affect your credit score


What we'll need from you

 Income - Your gross income details, this should match the amounts shown on your proof of income documents e.g. pay slips and details of any other income you have

 Outgoings - Details of any loan repayments and any credit card balances

✔ Address - Your current address and post code and the date you moved to this address

Things to remember

✘ This is not a mortgage commitment, you are not committing to apply for a mortgage with us

✘ No matter the result, your credit score will not be affected and will not affect your ability to apply for loans or credit with us or elsewhere

✘ We do not offer multi-party (3 or more people) or guarantor mortgages

✘ We cannot provide an Agreement in Principle to those under 18 or not resident in the UK

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

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