What's the offer?

We'll pay the legal and valuation costs on a standard remortgage.

What's a standard remortgage?

A standard remortgage is when you're not moving home but want to move your mortgage to us from another lender. To get free valuation and legal fees the following must take place:

  • Royal Bank of Scotland must select a solicitor to act on your behalf

  • Royal Bank of Scotland must instruct a "drive-by" valuation or a standard valuation depending on the Loan to Value of your property. If you want to have a Homebuyers report or a Structural report you can do so at your own expense


This offer is not valid for the following situations:

  • A property where Royal Bank of Scotland already hold the mortgage. We have a 'switcher' process for customers wishing to switch from one type of Royal Bank mortgage to another, please visit our Manage My Mortgage.

  • A property which you do not currently own, or one owned by a limited company or trust.