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The Living Room

Discover the household habits of the nation

Please note that this account is not available to RBS customers in England and Wales.

3% back in Rewards on 7 household bills. Simple as that.

We give you 3% back in Rewards on 7 household bills for just £3 a month.

The Living Room

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From thermostat guards and shower hogs to the kettle overfillers and that one person who always leaves the light on - there's one in every household.  But in the Living Room, everyone get's a little something to make them feel better about their bills.

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Changing household habits is difficult

Earning Rewards is easy

With our new Reward account you can earn Rewards on household bills without changing your lifestyle.  You can also earn Rewards on your everyday spending, for a monthly fee of just £3.00. Payments for services like maintenance, repairs and insurance won't earn Rewards.

Earn 3% Rewards on selected houshold bills paid by Direct Debit

Earn at least 1% Rewards with our MyRewards retailers

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Tips on how to manage your bills

We’ve brought in the expertise of financial journalist Sam Barratt. He’s written several articles for us explaining the finer details of your household bills and how to go about reducing them.

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Understanding what makes up your utility bills is the first step in reducing how much you pay

Check out Sam’s top tips to cut the cost of your water and electricity bills along with some great gadget hacks.

Knowing what affects your household bills is a key part of managing your household finances

The location of your house as well as the size of it and what you get up behind closed doors, all influence the size of your bills

Broadband has changed the way we access the internet. The way you use it determines the connection you need

Some broadband packages aren’t cheap. Read Sam’s advice for getting the best deal and only paying for speeds you really need.

What’s the difference between a standing order and a Direct Debit and when should you use them?

Both are widely available on our current and packaged accounts. Sam tells you what’s good about them and some important facts.

How MyRewards works

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Watch our useful video and we'll show you how easy it is to start earning Rewards.

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