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Your Savings account may be changing shortly

We know how important savings are to you and your family. They help pay for holidays, retirement, new cars, as well as life’s unexpected moments. So, we’ve decided to make our savings accounts easier to understand and fairer for everyone.

We’ve already simplified our Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs). From 2 January 2015 we’re simplifying our everyday savings range so that we have just one simple account. This means all our existing customers will have the same or better deal than new customers. We’re also making introductory teaser rates a thing of the past. It’s fair, it’s transparent. That’s the type of bank we want to be.


What does this change mean for you?

In most cases your account numbers will stay the same and all your payments will continue as normal. There may be differences in the features and your interest rate may change (up or down).

Please take a look at our helpful guide to see how your old and new accounts compare.

We also have a number of other products to help you save. We’d be very happy to talk to you about them and you can see our full savings range.


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