How Digital Banking works

Video transcript How Digital Banking works

With Digital Banking, you can conveniently bank safely and securely in your own time.

Here’s how to get the best out of it:

  • Simply log in at
  • Once you’ve logged in, your account summary will be displayed.
  • If you click on one of your accounts you will see a mini-statement.
  • To view a your statement in more detail click “view full statement”
  • From the drop down menu you can choose the time period and then click on “View transactions”.

Now you’re logged in you can also make payments to others, set up alerts or update your personal information.

  • To make a payment, select Payments and Transfers from the options on the left of the screen.
  • To add your payee first, click on “Pay someone new”.
  • Type in the name of the person or company,
  • Type in their bank account number
  • Type in their sort code
  • Type in a reference
  • Click “Next”

Now you’ll need your card reader and Visa debit card to hand. This increased security feature ensures your online identity is protected.

  • Put your Visa debit card into your card reader.
  • Select “respond” on your card reader when prompted.
  • When prompted, enter your card’s Pin into the reader.
  • Now Enter the 8 digit number into your card reader and press OK.
  • A new passcode is generated on your card reader, enter the 8 digit number into the final field.
  • Select confirm

And you’ve now set up a new Payee

  • From the first dropdown menu, choose the account you wish to make the payment from
  • From the second dropdown menu choose the recipient you want to make the payment to
  • Type in the amount you want to pay
  • Choose the date you want the payment to leave your account
  • Check the payment information is correct and select ‘Confirm’

That’s it; your payment has been arranged. It will be sent immediately to your payee on the date you’ve chosen.

To set up text alerts, select alerts from the options on the left of the screen, click to update your alerts.

You can choose which alerts you want to receive and whether you want them sent by email or as a text.

For balance alerts you can select when you want to receive the alert and at what period of the day.

Click to confirm your amends to your alert settings.

And they’re all set up.

To conduct some account admin, such as updating your email address, click on “Account admin” in the left hand menu.

  • Under “amend personal details”, select “update email address”
  • Type in your email address, choose whether you would like to receive emails about services and offers, and click “next”
  • Check that your email address is correct in the information displayed on the screen. If it is, click “confirm”

You’re all up to date

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