Ways to Bank

Royal Bank of Scotland

In a nutshell

Our TechXperts are the new experts based in all of our branches.

They're here to help you get set up, use and understand both Mobile and Online Banking - they can demonstrate and teach you how to use every feature.

Don't know how to turn on fingerprint login? Not sure how to make a payment? They're the people to show you how.

They'll keep you up to date with any new features as well as how to use the basics - meaning you'll be able to bank on the go with ease putting you in full control of your finances - no more time spent queuing in branch.

Make the most of your visit

Our TechXperts will be able to show how to register for our Mobile Banking app or Online Banking and how to use them. To make the most of your visit bring your mobile phone, iPad or laptop with you.

Find your nearest branch

Pop in to visit a TechXpert

Bring your mobile, tablet or laptop

They'll get you set up in no time at all.

Our TechXperts can help you with online security

Our TechXperts can show you how to stay safe online, and the do's and dont's to Mobile and Online Banking.

Security is at the core of our Mobile Banking app, independent experts regularly test, update and confirm our app meets the highest standard of security - and we don't keep any of your banking data on your phone.