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Manage your credit card on the go

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Easily manage your

credit card

Log in with your fingerprint, lock and unlock your credit card, plus much more

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Check your balance on the go

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Check your balance on the go

On the beach or in a restaurant - it doesn't matter. Now you can see the difference between your balance and available funds.


View your balances for not only your current account but your Royal Bank credit card, mortgage and savings accounts too.


You can also check your transactions going back seven years. Just tap on a particular transaction to see more details. 

Manage future-dated payments and transfers

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View your latest credit card transactions - including pending transactions

If you want to check whether a payment went through properly in duty-free, our app is the place to go.


Now you can see all of your 'cleared' credit card transactions, as well as any 'pending' transactions that are yet to fully debit and appear on your statement.


Tha balance that you can see does not include these pending transactions, so having them broken down for you underneath is really useful.

Log in with your fingerprint

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Log in with your fingerprint

Security wherever you are in the world. Logging into your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone with your fingerprint is easy.


Log into the app using your normal passcode. Then you can tap the 'More' button before tapping 'Settings'. There you'll find the option to enable fingerprint login.


And, if for any reason you don't want to use it anymore, you can turn it off again. You'll just use your normal passcode to log in.


Important information

Touch ID is available on selected Apple devices. Android Fingerprint is available on selected Android devices.

Pay someone new

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Lock and unlock your credit card

What if you get on holiday and find that you've misplaced your credit card?


Manage my card allows you to lock and unlock your Mastercard credit card via our mobile banking app when you have misplaced your card, but don't think you've lost it completely. This stops people using your card if they find it.


Only the primary card holder will be able to use this feature, however the secondary cardholder's card will be subject to the same controls.


When you find your credit card again, you can unlock it using the app, and you're good to go.


Important information

If you lock your credit card and then find that it has been lost or stolen, you should contact our Credit Cards Customer Service team on 0345 300 3694 in the UK, or +44 1268 500 813 from overseas.

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