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Log in securely, wherever you are

All you need is your fingerprint or face.

Our app leads the way when it comes to security and technology. That's why, you can log into our app with just your fingerprint, or even just by looking at your phone.

Both your fingerprint and face are unique to you - you can't forget them.

Of course, you can set up a six-digit passcode to log in securely if you'd prefer.

Important information
Apple Touch ID and Face ID available on selected Apple devices. Android Fingerprint available on selected Android devices.
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Top security tips for our app

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Here are the top five security tips to help you stay safe while using our mobile and tablet apps. 

Don't share your app security details with anyone over the phone, email or text.

This includes your


·         App Passcode

·         App Activation codes

·         Card reader codes


We will never ask you for these details, so if someone claiming to be from the bank asks you for these details don’t give them any information. Don’t save this information on your device either.


Did you know that anyone with a fingerprint registered on your device can use this to log into your Mobile Banking app using fingerprint login? Check all the fingerprints that are stored on your phone.

If you receive any suspicious calls, texts or emails, please get in touch

If you receive a call, text or email asking you for your security details, be suspicious. Royal Bank will never ask you for your full PIN or full password.


Be cautious about opening links contained in text messages or emails. They could lead you to a fake website. Don’t respond to messages or phone calls that you don’t recognise either.


If you receive something suspicious, tell us.


Forward any suspicious emails to and any suspicious texts to the short code 88355. We’ll take it from there.

Only download apps from an official app store

Only download mobile and tablet apps from official app stores such as:


·         Apple

·         Google Play


Genuine apps are only available from official app stores. If you download one from anywhere else it could be a scam.


If you want us to text you a link to our app on an official app store click here.


You'll be taken to a page where you can tell us your mobile number. We'll use it to send you a link to our app on the official app store for your phone.

Keep your device's operating system up to date

Keep the operating systems on all your mobile devices up to date. It’s the best way to make sure you have the latest security patches and upgrades. Older versions may have security vulnerabilities - meaning you’ll be at risk without knowing it.

Think carefully before jailbreaking or rooting your device

Think carefully before jailbreaking or rooting your device. We strongly advise against doing this as it may weaken the security of your device and expose you to additional risks.


Jailbreaking/rooting is when you change the security settings of your phone to allow you to download 'unofficial' apps that are not available from the app store.

Over 1 million customers love using our app every day

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Check your balances, make transfers and payments - you can even send money abroad via an international payment.

Plus, you can do things you can't do with Digital Banking - like paying people without needing to use a card reader!

Once you use our app, you'll never want to be without it. That's why 9 out of 10 customers that use it recommend it.* Join them today and discover a better way to bank.

Important information

Payments to a new payee must total no more than £750 per day, for a maximum of five transactions.
*Source: Jigsaw Research quantitative survey for us in 11/2016. 247 Royal Bank customers interviewed.
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How we keep our app secure

We put security front and centre

and take the protection of your money seriously.

That's why we get independent experts to regularly test, update, and confirm that our systems meet the highest standards of security you expect from our other services.

We have a secure registration process

to make sure it's you registering your details.

Before you can use our mobile app we validate your details to ensure you are protected from fraudsters trying to register on your behalf. We'll ask you to confirm your Digital Banking Customer Number and your partial Security Number and Password.

We use sophisticated levels of encryption

to make sure you're safe when using our app.

Whenever you use our mobile app we encrypt all information which gets sent from your phone / tablet to us.


Encryption is a process of encoding communication which makes it unreadable to a fraudster, should they try to intercept the traffic. This encoded information can only be decrypted by our servers.

We protect you with our secure passcode and fingerprint login

When you register for the app you are asked to set up a 5-8 passcode of your choice or enable fingerprint authentication. Every time you log into the mobile banking app you will be asked for one of these. If the app is closed, or the phone hibernates, the app will automatically log itself out.


We protect you with additional security

for any money leaving your account.

Before any money is paid out of your account using the mobile banking app e.g. Pay Someone New, Pay Your Contacts or Get Cash, you must complete a second authentication process. You will only be asked to do this once. You will be prompted the first time you select to make a payment out of your account.


The app will send an activation code via a text message to the mobile number held on our systems, when you receive the code you must re-enter it into the app to active your 'Level 2' services and continue the payment.


Important information

If you have recently changed your mobile number or Digital Banking Security number & Password then you must wait 3 days before you can activate your 'Level 2' services.

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