What you'll need


The app

You may need the details (account number and sort code) of  the company


Your step-by-step guide:

  1. 01

    Log into the mobile app on your device 

  2. 02

    Choose the account you wish to make a payment from

  3. 03

    Tap on 'Payments'

  4. 04

    Select 'Make a payment'

  5. 05

    Tap on 'To: select payee'

  6. 06

    Tap on 'Pay someone new' at the top of the screen

  7. 07

    Start to enter the name of the company or beneficiary you want to pay. If it's on our list of common payees, the name of the company should appear e.g. British Gas

  8. 08

    If you don’t see the company you need, type in the company’s account number and sort code

  9. 09

    Before paying a bill please make sure you have used the correct reference. This is normally your customer reference or the customer account number the bill issuer has provided

  10. 10

    Check and confirm the payment details, if correct select 'Make Payment'