What you'll need


Access to Digital Banking

You may need the sort code and account number of the company you're paying, although our system is pre-filled with hundreds of companies' payment details

Your step-by-step guide:

  1. 01

    Log in to Digital Banking

  2. 02

    Select 'Payments and transfers' from the left hand menu

  3. 03

    Select 'Make a payment or transfer' under the 'Make a payment or transfer' heading 

  4. 04

    Select 'Pay someone new'

  5. 05

    Start typing the company name. If it's a company we know, select their name from the list of suggestions and we'll fill in their account information for you – if not, continue typing the name to add them

  6. 06

    You should now be ready to pay your bill.

    Note: You'll need a card reader

  7. 07

    Last thing - before paying a bill please make sure you have used the correct reference. This is normally your customer reference or the customer account number the bill issuer has provided