What you'll need


The mobile app

How to pay someone you have paid before

  1. 01

    Open your mobile app.

  2. 02

    Tap on the account you wish to make a payment from.

  3. 03

    Tap on 'Payments'.

  4. 04

    Tap 'Make a payment'.

  5. 05

    Tap on 'Select payee' on Apple devices or 'Choose payee', on Android devices to choose who you want to pay.

    Enter the amount you want to pay and if you want to make the payment now or in the future.

    Tap  ‘Make payment’ on Apple devices or ‘Next’ on Android devices to continue.

    * If you want to change the existing reference a daily limit of £750 will be applied and you may be asked to authorise the payment using your app's log in details.

  6. 06

    Check and confirm the payment details are correct and tap 'Make payment'.

  7. 07

    That’s your payment complete!

    If you need a record of this payment, simply tap 'Get PDF confirmation' and follow the instructions on the screen.