What you'll need


Access to Digital Banking

Your step-by-step guide:

  1. 01

    Log in to  Digital Banking

  2. 02

    Select 'Payments and transfers' from the left-hand menu

  3. 03

    Under the 'Make a payment or transfer' heading select 'Make a payment or transfer'

  4. 04

    Select the account you want to make the payment from, and from your list of saved payees select the person or company you want to pay

  5. 05

    Enter the amount and the date you want the money to leave your account

  6. 06

    Select 'Next' and carefully check your payment details before clicking 'Confirm'

  7. 07

    Once you have clicked on 'Confirm' you will be shown a summary of your newly arranged payment


If you need to pay someone but you haven’t paid them before, see How do I add a new payee using Digital Banking?


If you want to transfer money between your Royal Bank accounts see How can I transfer money between my accounts?