What you'll need


The latest version of the Royal Bank of Scotland app already installed on your device

The account type, account number and sort code as well as the first and last name of the person you are looking to pay

How to make a new payment

  1. 01

    Open your Royal Bank of Scotland app, tap on the account you want to make a payment from, select 'Payments' and then 'Make a payment'.

  2. 02

    Tap ‘Select payee’ on Apple devices or ‘Choose payee’ on Android devices and then tap 'Pay someone new'. Enter the payee's first and last name or full company trading name, select the account type (Personal or Business), then the account number and sort code details of the person you want to pay.

  3. 03

    Choose the amount you wish to send, add a reference for the payment and then choose the date you want to send the money on, now or in the future.

    Where a Confirmation of Payee (CoP) check is performed you will receive a response to let you know if the name you have entered matches the details for the account. If the response from the payee's bank is ‘close match, no match or unable/unavailable’ we will give you advice on what to do next.

    Tap on ‘Make payment’ for Apple devices and ‘Next’ on Android devices.

  4. 04

    For added security you may be asked to authorise this payment. If this happens you will see the ‘Authentication required’ screen. Just tap ‘Next’.

    Then re-enter your mobile app’s log in details, to re-confirm it’s you.

  5. 05

    Check the details on screen are correct then tap ‘Make payment’ on Apple devices and ‘Next’ on Android devices, then tap ‘Make payment’ again.

  6. 06

    That’s your payment complete!

    You can save or send a PDF copy of the payment once it's sent, if you want to keep a record of it.