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Your Premier Reward Black account

We’ve gathered all your Premier Reward Black account information in one place. A one-stop-shop to help you get the most from your account.

What's included?

Access to over 1,000 international airport lounges with DragonPass Premier

Worldwide travel insurance, mobile phone insurance and UK & European car breakdown cover all included

24/7 Black Concierge Service

£31 monthly fee

To be eligible for a Premier Reward Black account, you must be aged 18 or over and a UK resident with a sole income of at least £100k or a joint income of £120k paid into a Royal Bank account, or have minimum outstanding mortgage borrowings with us of £500k, or savings or investments of at least £100k held with us.

I don't have this account

Don't worry, you can view all our accounts or we can help you find out which one you have.


Reward detail

New to Rewards? Let's get started

Learn more about Rewards and how to set-up your MyRewards account.

Rewards in more detail

Once your Premier Reward Black account is open you can start earning Rewards on eligible household bills and at partner retailers.

Why set up your Reward account?

  1. You'll start earning Rewards the next business day after opening your MyRewards account and you can view your balance in Digital or Mobile Banking.
  2. See your personalised offers, where you can earn 1% or more at MyReward partner retailers.  You can only see these offers once you log in to MyRewards.
  3. To exchange your Rewards for money, trading up with our Reward partner retailers or donating your Rewards.

You'll need your bank card before you can get started.

Set up MyReward

How do I earn Rewards?

Earn 2% in Rewards on eligible household bills paid by Direct Debit and at least 1% at our partner retailers.

How to earn Rewards

2% back in Rewards on eligible household bills

You’ll automatically earn Rewards on the following bills as long as you pay them by Direct Debit: Council Tax, gas, electricity, mobile, landline, TV package and broadband.

To keep earning Rewards on your eligible household bills, you must log into Digital or Mobile Banking at least once every three months.

Set-up a Direct Debit

1% back in Rewards at partner retailers

You can earn at least 1% at our partner retailers when you use your Royal Bank debit card.

Find out where you can earn

What you should know

Payments to billing organisations which are for other services such as maintenance, repairs or insurance will not earn Rewards.

How do I exchange Rewards?

You can bank them, trade them or donate them to one of our chosen charities.

How to exchange your Rewards

As soon as your available Rewards balance is the equivalent of £5 or more, you can login to MyRewards to exchange them. To login you will need to register, using your debit card. You can then choose from the following:

Bank it

Convert your Rewards into money by simply transferring it into your Royal Bank account. It takes 5 days to clear into your chosen account.

Trade up

Exchange your Rewards for gift cards or codes at our selected partner retailers.


Convert your Rewards into money and donate it to one of our chosen charities.

Login to MyRewards

How can I earn more Rewards?

Find out how you could boost your Reward earnings.

Like Rewards and want to earn more?

With our Reward Black credit card, Representative 37.1% APR (variable), you can earn more Rewards whenever you pay using the card. Plus, you won't pay foreign transaction fees if you use the card abroad.

What Rewards will you earn?

  • 1% on your supermarket shop (0.5% at their petrol stations)
  • Between 1-15% when you shop at selected MyRewards retailers
  • 0.5% everywhere else you like to shop

More about this card

Annual fee applies, but we'll refund it if you already hold a Premier Reward Black current account.

To apply, you must be 18+, earning at least £15k per year and a mainland UK resident.

All your account benefits

Travel benefits

Worldwide travel insurance

Airport lounge access

Travel money

Black travel service

Insurance cover

Mobile phone insurance

UK & European car breakdown cover

Home emergency service

Lifestyle benefits

24/7 Black concierge service

Black ticket service

Cinema discount

Fee free debit card purchases abroad

No Foreign Purchase fee when you using your Premier Reward Black debit card abroad.

In an emergency

My card has been stolen

Find out what you need to do if you think your card or card details have been stolen.

How to report your card stolen

If you think your debit card - or any of your card details, such as the PIN - may have been stolen, you should report it to us to avoid the possibility of fraud.

Please check the transactions on your account, and call us as soon as possible on:

UK: 0370 600 0459
Overseas: +44 1268 500 813
Minicom: 0800 917 0526

Once you’ve reported your debit card as stolen, we will send out your new card which will be with you in five working days.

Lost or damaged cards

Find out the steps you can take if your card has been lost or damaged.

How to report your card lost or damaged

If your card is damaged or lost, you can order a replacement online in less than 2 minutes – that's less than half the time it takes if you were to phone us (5min 10s).

Log in and go to the 'Cards' option in the left hand menu

then choose 'Manage your debit card' or 'Manage your credit card'

Choose 'Report your card lost and order a replacement' or 'Order a replacement for a damaged card'

Get emergency cash

If your debit card is lost or stolen, you can still access your money from our ATMs using our Emergency Cash service.

How to get emergency cash

Simply call us and we'll send you a code that'll let you withdraw your cash.

The Emergency Cash service can only be provided to you at the time of card cancellation. The service allows you to withdraw money from your account using a security code instead of your card.

To use the Emergency Cash service:

You need to be within the UK

You must have at least £20 available in your account

You can withdraw up to £300 from a Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest or Tesco cash machine if you're a fully active digital or telephone banking customer and if you aren't we'll still let you withdraw up to £60 to tide you over.

Remember you'll need to have money available in your account before you can withdraw it.

To report your Visa debit card lost or stolen and use the Emergency Cash service, please call our Card loss centre straight away.

Card loss centre

UK: 0370 600 0459
Overseas: +44 1268 500 813
Minicom: 0800 917 0526

Open 24 hours a day. Calls may be recorded.

Everyday banking

App available to Digital Banking customers with a UK or international mobile number in specific countries. Digital Banking available to Royal Bank account holders aged 11+.

Bank when and where it suits you with our secure mobile app

Pay someone new without the need for a card reader (limits apply)

Instantly make payments to friends and family already saved in your Digital Banking

View your statements and check your available balance, quickly and easily

Register your travel plans with us

Manage and keep track of your finances day or night with Digital Banking

View your balance and make payments

Transfer money between your accounts

Set up and manage your regular payments

View your transaction details

Set up and go paperless 

Have you tried Receipt Management yet?

Losing a receipt can be a pain, especially for valuable items. That's why we're introducing Receipt Management, a free receipt capture tool which effortlessly lets customers store, track and capture a receipt using our Mobile Banking app.

Mobile App critieria applies. Receipt Management available on selected devices. This service is available to Premier & Business Banking customers only.

Anything else we can help you with?

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