We give you a
wealth of savings options

Short or long term, our accounts can help you save

Our Premier Banking Managers are here to help guide you through our wide range of savings products. From fixed term accounts to instant access and regular savings accounts, they’ll help you every step of the way.

Premium Saver

Be rewarded by earning bonus interest every month you leave your savings untouched

  • Exclusively available for our current account customers, aged 16 or over. Conditions apply.
  • Leave your savings untouched and receive bonus interest on amounts between £25,000 and £1 million.
  • Take money out if you need it, you’ll just receive a lower interest rate for that month.
  • Access your savings online, in branch or over the phone.

Savings accounts

Instant Saver account

A simple way to save with instant access to your money when you need it.

Cash ISA accounts

Make the most of your savings. Explore our range of ISAs and find the right one for you.

First Saver

First Saver is our children's savings account. Opening a child's savings account is a great first step for children to learn how to be responsible with money.

Savings Builder

Our savings account that rewards you for saving regularly.

Fixed Term Savings

A fixed rate of interest means you know how much your savings will earn in advance.

We're here to help

Your Premier Banking Manager has the expertise to steer you towards the savings and investments options that best match your savings goals. 

If you don't have their mobile number to hand, our customer support team (Premier 24) can book an appointment for you.