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A range of exclusive services to give you peace of mind

It's always good to know you have an expert team available day and night to answer any questions that might come to mind. You'll also have your Premier Banking Manager to help you put your plans in place. Our Will-writing & Estate Administration services will help make sure all your wishes will be followed.
Premier Banking is a free service available to customers who are permanent UK residents, with a sole income of at least £100,000 or a joint income of £120,000 paid into your Royal Bank account, or minimum outstanding mortgage borrowings with us of £500,000, or savings or investments of at least £100,000 held with us.

We’ll help you plan your financial future

Your dedicated Premier Banking Manager

Your Premier Banking Manager’s role is to help make your life easier. They’ll discuss your financial goals and talk you through a range of services so you can choose the products that are best for you. And if you need specialist help they can put you in touch with a network of qualified advisors. What’s more – or rather less – our Premier Banking Managers don’t charge for this exclusive service. 

Planning for the future


Passing on your wealth

Our friendly, experienced team will provide you with an expert Will-writing service to help ensure your wishes are carried out. Please note a fee applies for this service.

Will writing in detail

Help ensure your money and assets are shared out according to your wishes with our Will & Executor Service.

Administering an estate can be complex, but our specialist team has the knowledge and experience to perform the task efficiently on your behalf.

Our expertise helps ensure your wealth is passed on in an efficient and professional manner.

More about Will-writing and Executor Service

Benefit from personal tax advice

Your Premier Banking Manager can put you in touch with experts from our panel of trusted companies. They’ll be happy to help with tax returns and offer tax advice at a preferential rate.

Personal tax advice detail

From personal tax advice to bespoke arrangements, our panel of tax advisers can help with identifying tax planning opportunities and highlighting potential pitfalls and penalties.

Complete your tax return

Make use of your legitimate exemptions

Ensure you pay the right amount of tax

Provide insightful expertise on broader and longer-term tax considerations

Your Premier Banking Manager can put you in touch with our panel of leading tax advisors who can help you with these issues.

Get in touch

Our Estate Administration service

We’re here to help at this difficult time and will take care of all the details for you, ensuring everything is carried out swiftly, courteously and professionally. Again, a fee applies for this service.

Estate Administration in detail

Sorting out a deceased estate can be a long and complicated process. Usually there are funeral expenses, household bills, taxes and other bills to be taken care of, as well as assets that need divided up.

Our Estate Administration Service is provided by Hugh James Solicitors in England & Wales and Brodies for customers in Scotland (a fee applies). This service will take care of all the details for you.

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Have you tried Receipt Management yet?

Losing a receipt can be a pain, especially for valuable items. That's why we're introducing Receipt Management, a free receipt capture tool which effortlessly lets customers store, track and capture a receipt using our Mobile Banking app.

Mobile App critieria applies. Receipt Management available on selected devices. This service is available to Premier & Business Banking customers only.

To become a Premier customer you must be a permanent UK resident and meet any one of the following requirements:

  • Income – pay £100k sole income or £120k joint income into your Royal Bank current account
  • Mortgage borrowings – have a mortgage of at least £500k with us
  • Savings or Investments – have a minimum £100k savings or investments held with us