Manage your credit card

You can manage your credit card whenever it's convenient to you and stay in control of your finances. Here's some of the things you can do:

 Check your balance and transactions

 View and download your PDF statement

 Pay your credit card

 Request a balance transfer

 Request a money transfer

 Manage your credit limit

 Set up text and email alerts

 Use your credit card abroad

 Report your card as lost or stolen

 Update your personal details


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Not sure which type of borrowing is right for you?

If you need to borrow money and you are not sure which product might be right for you, use our helpful tool to compare the features of different types of lending.

Compare my borrowing options

Credit card tools

Handy, helpful and easy to use

Our helpful credit card tools can help you work out which credit card may be right for you and tell you what you may be able to save. You can also find out whether you are likely to be accepted or not, with no impact to your credit rating. 

Approval Indicator

Find out whether you are likely to be accepted or not for a RBS credit card with no impact on your credit score. 

Credit Card Re-Payment Calculator

Find out how much faster you could clear your existing card balance by fixing your payments, instead of paying the minimum amount.

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