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92% of our branches currently have wheelchair access. We are working with the national spinal cord injury charity Back Up to make further improvements

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Back Up is a national charity helping people affected by spinal cord injury – they offer wheelchair skills training, peer mentoring, activity courses and support getting back to school or work.

RBS Accessibility Mobility
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We are improving our branches to make access easier for everyone. Where possible, all of our new and refurbished branches have been designed with the following features:

  • A permanent or temporary ramp
  • Automatic or power assisted doors
  • Interview rooms at ground level with access suitable for wheelchair users
  • Counter positions at lower levels for customers who use wheelchairs and, in branches where this isn't possible, a writing table at a lower level
  • All branches have lower level writing shelves

Our branch locator tells you if your branch has disabled access

We are also working on improvements to enhance the experience when you visit our branch sites with the help of Back Up.

  • Reviewing the temporary ramps that we use
  • Reviewing the current branches where we want to enhance the accessibility
  • Referrals to Back Up where customers with spinal cord injuries want additional support with wheelchair skills
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