Banking with Royal Bank

How to use the
Royal Bank app

Getting started with the app

Check your balance

It's easier than ever to keep track of your account balances when using our Royal Bank app, giving you greater control of your finances around the clock. 

How to check my balance

Login with fingerprint or face

You can login securely to your app using fingerprint or facial ID. Available on selected devices.

How to set up fingerprint login

How to set up Face ID login

Try our mobile app user guide

Our mobile app user guide provides clear instructions on what the app can do, so that you can bank on your smartphone in no time.

Making payments is simple

Pay your friends and family, send money abroad or send money to your friends mobile number using Paym. Must be aged 16+.

How to make a payment

How to send money abroad

How to use Paym

Manage your bills with ease

Direct Debits

Check the details of your Direct Debits and create, amend or cancel all from your app.

Managing Direct Debits

Standing orders

Set up a recurring payment or transfer using standing orders. You can create, amend or cancel all from your app.

Managing standing orders

Going paperless

View your documents on the app, you'll have less post clutter in your home and you'll be helping cut paper waste too.

How to go paperless

What else can the app do?

Transfer your money between accounts

Moving money between your accounts couldn't be easier when using the Royal Bank app, whatever you need it's a simple process.

How to transfer money

Using Apple Pay or Google Pay

Make secure payments online or go contactless in store using Apple Pay or Google Pay on selected devices.

Setting up Apple Pay

Setting up Google Pay

Take out cash with Get Cash

Using our Royal Bank app request a unique code to enter in to our ATMs, lifting money from your account without your card. Criteria applies.

How to use Get Cash

Search transactions

Viewing and searching your transactions is easier when using the Royal Bank app.

How to view transactions

Balance alerts

Set up alerts to be received by text or email, giving you more control of your money.

How to set up text alerts

Accounts in one place

View balances and transactions on selected accounts with participating UK banks. You must be registered for your other banks online banking.

How to set up accounts with other banks

New ways our app can help

Add your loyalty cards to our app

With My Loyalty Cards you could declutter your wallet. Store your loyalty cards digitally using our app and scan in store.

Available to customers aged 18+. Currently available for iOS customers only.

View your credit score for free

You can now check your credit score quickly and easily from our app. Available once opted in through the app.

Available to customers aged 18+, with a UK address and is provided by TransUnion.

Budget better, spend less

Spending will put your transactions in to categories, giving you a detailed view of where your money is going.

Available to customers aged 16+. Only available for Personal and Premier Current accounts.

Reporting a problem

Fraud or scam victim

Steps to help you understand if you've been a victim of fraud or a scam and how to report it.

Support with fraud or scams

Lost or stolen card

Support when reporting your card damaged, lost or stolen including a handy 'lock card' feature only available using the Royal Bank app.

Support with lost or stolen cards