Existing customers benefits.

No Foreign Purchase fee for Reward Silver or Reward Platinum account holders

What’s included

Use your debit card for purchases anywhere in the world without the worry of incurring extra charges or carrying around lots of cash.

No Foreign Purchase fee when you make a payment using your Reward Silver or Reward Platinum Debit Card outside the UK or any payment in a foreign currency

Not valid for ATM withdrawals. Other local fees may apply.

We explain the charges for this at rbs.co.uk/travel along with tips for when you’re travelling abroad

Does not apply for Select Platinum or Select Silver Debit Cards.

Explore other account benefits

Worldwide travel insurance

From business trips to Brussels to family holidays in Hawaii, you've covered worldwide with Platinum.

European travel insurance

European travel insurance is included in your Silver package. That includes skiing and snowboarding trips too.

Travel service

Through our Travel Service, Platinum account holders can browse and book cheaper holidays, get discounted lounge access and more.

Travel Money

Get more to spend on your holidays thanks to preferential rates for Platinum and Silver account holders.

UK car breakdown cover

Breaking down in the car is absolutely no fun at all. If you're a Platinum account holders, we'll come and rescue you.

Mobile phone insurance

Mobile phones are an increasingly important part of our lives. We’ll cover your insurance as a Silver or Platinum account holders.

Cinema discount

Buy online through Membership Services and take advantage of up to 40% off the price of cinema tickets.


Get 2 for 1 or 50% off at thousands of restaurants around the country. Available to Silver, Platinum, Student and Graduate account holders.

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