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Support with Coronavirus

There are two ways we're helping customers who use an overdraft during the Coronavirus pandemic

Overdraft interest staying at current rates

From Monday 30th March until 14th July, all of our Personal Banking customers using their overdraft will pay less as we’re keeping overdraft interest at their current rates. 

Most customers will pay Representative 19.89% APR (variable) for that period, rather than our standard rate of Representative 39.49% APR (variable). Black and Reward Black customers will remain at Representative 14.89% APR (variable), rather than moving to Representative 19.49% APR (variable). Please note, this isn’t a change to your overdraft terms & conditions.

There also won’t be any other fees or charges in addition to the above interest rates. 

To find out more about our Overdraft charges after 14th July, please use our cost calculator.

Request £500 interest-free on your existing overdraft

You can request £500 interest-free on your existing arranged overdraft (or up to your existing arranged overdraft limit if lower than £500).  

This is a temporary measure and will be interest-free from application date for three months. Take a look at our helpful FAQs for more information.

Please remember that after the three months ends, we will start to charge interest on the full balance. 

New arranged overdraft

When you need a bit of 'wriggle room' until payday

You only pay interest if you use it. No fees

Get an instant decision if you bank online with us

Quick access to funds

Representative 39.49% APR (variable) 

Representative 19.89% APR (variable) between 30th of March and 14th July to support our customers during the Coronavirus pandemic 

Available to eligible Royal Bank of Scotland current account customers, UK residents aged 18 or over. Subject to lending criteria.

Check your eligibility

Use our eligibility checker to find out if you'll be accepted before you apply. It won't harm your credit rating and it takes just a few minutes.

Change your existing overdraft

If you already have an arranged overdraft on your Royal Bank of Scotland current account, we'll keep you right when it comes to increasing, reducing or removing your limit so you're in control.

Student and Graduate Arranged Overdrafts

Student Arranged Overdraft

Could be helpful if you're living on a tight budget

Interest-free overdraft up to £2,000 (£500 in first term)

Get an instant decision if you bank online with us

Available to eligible Royal Bank of Scotland Student current account customers, aged 18 or over, who've lived in the UK 3+ years. Subject to lending criteria.

Graduate Arranged Overdraft

A little help when you enter the world of work

Interest-free overdraft up to £2,000 for your first year

May be ideal for short-term borrowing

Available to eligible Royal Bank of Scotland Graduate current account customers, UK residents aged 18 or over. Subject to lending criteria.

Tools to help you

Check your chances before applying

Give our eligibility checker a try and find out if you're likely to be approved for an overdraft. It can give you an idea of your potential overdraft limit and representative APR.

Find out how much interest you're likely to pay

Why not use our overdraft cost calculator to see what an overdraft could cost you based on your circumstances. The great news is, it won't affect your credit rating.

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