Children's bank account

Revolve is our simple,
secure account
for 11-18 year olds

No monthly fee

With this account, you can get a Visa debit card and...

A Mobile Banking app that’s safe and easy-to-use.

It also offers interest on your balance.

You can use Apple Pay and Google Pay™ to buy things with your phone, although you must be 13+ to use these services.

Product features...


Visa debit card

Make purchases in shops and online. Withdraw cash from a cash machine.

Mobile Banking app

Our Mobile Banking app is secure, easy-to-use and lets you check your balance when you're out and about. It's available to Digital Banking customers with a UK mobile number.

24/7 banking

Access your account wherever, whenever.

Everyday support

Text alerts and more.

Earn interest

You’ll earn interest on everything you pay into this account.

How to apply online

Who can apply?

If you’re over 16, just use the section below. If you’re under 16, please get a parent or guardian to do it for you.

How can I prepare?

We’ll need some details, such as your current address and contact information.

Start your application

You can apply online right now if you are ready. Just use the section below to tell us about yourself.

Get ready to apply

Before you apply, we need to check you're happy with a few things, and ask you a few questions up front. Then we can make your application as quick and simple as it can be.

First things first. You can apply if you:

are aged 11 - 17 and a UK resident

Now please take a look at the important legal info

How your information might be used

It's important for you to understand how we use and share your information. Please read this short summary before you continue with your application.

All okay? You’re nearly ready to start.

To speed up your application for our Revolve account, we need to do a few final checks with you. They'll only take a minute.

You’re all set

We'll need to see a few bits of info in one of our branches after the application to open your account:

  • Proof of ID, like a Passport, birth certificate or PASS card
  • Proof of your address (with your name, or the name of the parent or guardian helping with your application), like a recent bank statement or utility bill

Make sure all of the details you enter in the form are for you, not your parent or guardian. If you have any middle names, please make sure you enter these too.