Packaged bank accounts

Switch in or change
your bank account
to Reward Silver

Available to existing current account customers only

Even more benefits with a Reward Silver bank account

£100 when you switch in to your account

Earn Rewards that you can redeem as cash, gift cards or e-codes with our retail partners

Insurance cover for European travel

Mobile phone insurance

Fee free debit card purchases abroad

Arranged overdraft available (subject to eligibility)

Choose your way to pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay™ or Contactless Visa Debit. Limits apply.

£10 monthly fee

What would you do with £100? Switch & the choice is yours

Apply to Switch

Switch into your existing account with us by 19th November 2020. We may end this offer at any time
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Fill out your Switch details

Within 7 days The Current Account Switch Service will automatically move your existing payments and close your old account
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Switch criteria

Pay in at least £1,500 and log in to our mobile app or Digital Banking by 30th December 2020

Pay day

£100 will be paid to your Royal Bank account by the 29th January 2021

Travel insurance relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and any other pandemic

Our travel insurance is changing from 5th January 2021 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you’re thinking about opening this account, make sure you read the endorsement alongside the Travel Insurance Terms as this will affect your cover. 

For more information about travel insurance during COVID-19, you can refer to our FAQs.

Compare our Reward accounts

Features and benefits

Features and benefits


Earn Rewards

Earn £4 a month back in Rewards for 2 or more Direct Debits - 2 of those Direct Debits needs to be at least £2 each. Plus, earn an extra £1 a month back in Rewards with 1 mobile app log in. That's up to £5 a month back in Rewards to spend on whatever you like!

Exchange Rewards

Once you reach £5 in Rewards, the choice is yours. Bank it into your RBS bank account, trade up for gift cards and e-codes with our retail partners, or donate to one of our chosen charities.

Travel insurance

Do you love to travel? This account offers European travel insurance that covers you for up to 22 days per trip. The policy also includes winter sports cover. Underwritten by U K Insurance Limited.

Travel money

Get great deals on foreign currency from our Travel Money Service. We'll even deliver the money to your door.

Fee free debit card purchases abroad

No Non-Sterling Transaction fee when you use your Reward Silver debit card abroad.


Mobile phone insurance

When bad things happen to your mobile, you need good cover. Our mobile phone policy covers loss, theft, accidental damage and breakdown (once your manufacturer’s warranty has expired). Underwritten by American International Group UK Limited.


Cinema discount

Take advantage of up to 40% off the price of cinema tickets.


If you love eating out, you’ll love this offer: get 2 for 1 or 50% off your food bill at thousands of restaurants UK wide.

Banking with us

Mobile Banking app

Stay in control of your money with our easy to use mobile banking app.

Our range of savings accounts

We have a range of savings accounts available to our current account holders.

Overdraft details

How do overdrafts work?

An arranged overdraft can be useful for short term borrowing. Understand arranged and unarranged overdrafts and their impact on your account. An overdraft is a form of borrowing and is repayable on demand.

How much will an overdraft cost?

Understand the cost and impact of overdrafts and whether you're eligible to apply for one. If you don't repay what is owed, you could harm your credit score and borrowing capability.

Important documents to read

We do our best to ensure everyone is aware of their account terms and conditions, please take some time to review, print and/or save a copy of these.

All okay? You’re nearly ready to start.

To speed up your switch or change your account request, we need to do a few final checks with you. They'll only take a minute.

What would you like to do today?

Switch Offer

Changing your existing account doesn't qualify you for our switching offer.

To qualify, you need to switch and close a current account held with another bank to your Royal Bank account.

Which account would you like to change?

You’re all set

During the application, you'll need:

  • The account number and sort code of the account you want to change

As you're changing your account, the account details and debit card will stay the same. Just to make life easier for you.

You’re all set

During the application, you'll need:

  • The account number and sort code of the account you want to change

As you're changing your account, the account details and debit card will stay the same. Just to make life easier for you.

To get the £100 Switch Offer you need to:

  • Apply to switch to Royal Bank by 19th November 2020
  • Pay in £1,500 and login to our mobile banking app or Digital Banking by 30th December 2020

If you've had any cashback for switching to us (or NatWest/Ulster Bank) since October 2017 you won't be eligible for this offer.

You’re all set

You’ll need these bits of info handy for your application:

  • The account number, sort code and debit card number of the bank account you want to switch to Royal Bank
  • The account number and sort code of your existing Royal Bank current account

The Current Account Switch Service will move everything across from your old bank account to your Royal Bank current account within 7 working days.