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This Select account has no monthly fee

Get a contactless Visa Debit Card - make payments under £30 with one tap.

Features and benefits

Switch bank accounts

We can help you switch bank accounts with the Current Account Switch Service.

Switch bank accounts

We’ll do all the work when it comes to switching. This will include moving everything across from your old account to your new Royal Bank of Scotland account, including Direct Debits, standing orders etc. all within 7 working days. All you need to do is tell us the details of your old bank account and when you want the switch to start.

Mobile banking app

Our mobile banking app is simple, secure and lets you manage your money wherever you are.

Mobile banking app

Log in with your fingerprint on selected Apple and Android devices – it’s simple, secure and fast.

View, cancel and amend your regular payments – so you can manage your bills where and when it suits you. Limits apply.

Easily pay family and friends using their mobile number - (as long as they have our mobile app or are registered for Paym). Pay Your Contacts makes it quick and easy, and they’ll get the money instantly. Limits apply.

Get cash without your card – Ideal if you’ve left your card at home. Simply go to any Royal Bank of Scotland or Tesco cash machine and follow the steps in the app. You can withdraw up to £130 every 24 hours.

App available to customers with Digital Banking and a UK or international mobile number in specific countries.

More about our Mobile Banking app


Joint account

You can open this as a joint bank account, so two people can manage the finances.

Joint account

Opening this as a joint account is the perfect way to manage shared payments, bills and rent together. Just bear in mind that we'd like to see ID details from both people that would like to open the account. 


Arranged overdraft

To help you out with those unexpected bills that can pop up occasionally.

Arranged overdraft

An Arranged Overdraft is a short-term way to borrow and can be a really useful way to pay for unexpected bills. An Arranged Overdraft means we’ve approved extra funds for you, which are available on your current account.

What you should know

You can arrange an overdraft with this bank account. We will only charge you interest and/or fees if you use your Arranged Overdraft. Subject to eligibility.

How much will I get?

It depends. We’ll look at your individual circumstances and decide on your overdraft limit. We’ll take into account age, earnings and credit rating.  For example, if you get an Arranged Overdraft limit of £1,200 on your bank account and use all of it, you will be charged Arranged Overdraft interest at 19.89% EAR (variable) and a monthly usage fee of £6.


Visa debit card

Pay with a single tap using your contactless Visa debit card.

Visa debit card

Whether it's that morning coffee, the weekly shop or a wee treat, your contactless Visa debit card will take care of things with one tap.

Supporting you

Text alerts, email alerts, manage Direct Debits and more.

Supporting you

Access your account wherever, whenever with 24/7 banking through online banking, our mobile app or one of our UK call centres.

Text alerts are another way to keep tabs of your money. You can set up text alerts to know your balance at a specific time, or if your money goes below a certain limit. Alerts help to easily manage Direct Debits such as household bills, regular payments or gym memberships.

How to open an account online

Have ID ready

We’ll need some details from you, such as your address history, monthly income and some ID.

Start your application

You can apply online right now if you are ready. Just use the section below to tell us about yourself.

How long will it take?

You should be able to complete the online application within an average lunch break.

Ready to apply

You can apply for this Select account if you are:

Aged 18+ and a UK resident

Please review the important legal stuff:

By clicking continue you’re confirming that you’ve been provided with, and have acknowledged our important documents, including the FSCS information sheet. By proceeding your application you also agree that you’ll receive your statements in a paperless format. We'll send you an email when your statements are ready to view in Digital Banking.

How your information might be used

It's important for you to understand how we use and share your information. Please read this short summary before you continue with your application.

Ready to continue?

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I would like to...

Please note that changing your account does not qualify for the £125 Switching Offer. You must close and switch a current account held elsewhere into your Royal Bank account.

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I know my Digital Banking details...

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I have a Royal Bank of Scotland current account...

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Great, looks like you're all set and ready to go.