Card payment support

Using your cards safely
and what to do if you don't
recognise a payment

Keep your eyes peeled for unusual transactions

We've got a number of tips to try and spot unusual transactions, but also some guidance on what to do if you do stumble upon any.

Get help identifying a transaction with our list of common retailers

Sometimes businesses you pay may use a different trading name.

For example, if you bought something from Argos, it may appear as 'Home Retail Group'. A quick internet search can help. Or, you can use our list below.

Credit card fees

If you’re looking at your credit card statement, two types of fees could occur: late payment fee or over limit fee. Learn how to avoid payment penalties here

Bank statement codes you might find on your account statement

ATM - Automated teller (cash) machine

CHQ – Cheque

Charge – Charge for transaction

D/D – Direct debit

S/O – Standing order

TFR – Transfer

INT - Interest

You can see a full list of statement abbreviations here. (opens in a new window)

Stay safe from fraud

When making card payments, you want to know you are using secure payment services. This means making sure that you:

Only enter your card details on secure websites

Always shield your PIN in shops or at cash machines

Be aware of public Wi-Fi hotspots and the potential risks 

Be aware of vishing scams

Be aware of phishing scams

Be aware of ATM fraud and know how to stay safe

See our fraud guides for information about the different types of fraud and tips to keep your data protected. 

If you think that you’ve been a victim of a scam, we’re here to support you. We have the numbers to call for all types of fraud below. 

Our secure banking promise

Whether banking online or using our Mobile Banking app, rest assured you're protected by our Secure Banking Promise: 

We'll refund any money paid out of your account, as long as you've kept your security information safe

We'll protect you 24/7, by monitoring your account and using the latest technology to keep you safe

We'll help you protect yourself, with tips on staying secure and free tools for extra protection

Something else we can help you with?