Report fraud

What to do if you think
you're a victim of fraud
or a scam

Check if you've been a victim of fraud or a scam and how to report it

There's a few tips below to help check if you've been the victim of fraud or a scam. If you have, there's some easy steps to report it and you can also send us details of suspicious emails, calls, texts or websites.

Steps to take first

The following checks will ensure you can resolve any concerns quickly and through the right channels. There can be a number of explanations for a transaction that you might not immediately recognise and we’ve added the most common ones below so please check these before reporting it as fraud. If you're still unsure, please report it and we'll take a look.

1. Payment you don't recognise? Could it be

2. Not received goods or services you've paid for by debit or credit card?

The first step in making a claim is speaking to the retailer to see if they can resolve, if you’ve tried to contact the company and still need our support you can raise a dispute with the company here

Tell us about suspicious emails, phone calls or texts

Further information about dealing with suspicious emails, calls or texts that you’ve received or responded to can be found using the links below:

Remember, we'll never ask for your full PIN and full password by text, email or on the phone.

Suspicious emails

If you have received a fraudulent or suspicious email which you have not responded to, please forward the email to

Suspicious calls

If you've received a suspicious phone call and think you provided any of your personal security details during the call, please contact us immediately on 0800 161 5154.

When calling from abroad please dial (0044) 345 301 5748

Suspicious texts

Forward any suspicious texts referring to Royal Bank of Scotland or RBS to the number 88355.

This is not a premium rate number. Standard network rates apply, please contact your network provider for more information on charges.

Report a scam

If you believe you've been a victim of a scam, or you're in contact with someone you think is trying to scam you, please contact our dedicated scams reporting line by calling 0345 989 0002.


If you're outside the UK, please call: (0044) 1252 308 047.

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