Life Moments - Students & Graduates

Preparing for your first job

Preparation is key

University complete, it's time to think about your first job. We want to help you find your first job after graduation so we've put together some helpful tips about interviews and internships.

Interview tips


Internships are a great way of starting your career yet some students and graduates are reluctant to pursue them as they worry they'll be stuck performing menial office admin and fetching the executive's coffee. However the benefits of working as an intern far outweigh any negatives and an opportunity to start your working career in this format should be considered an investment in your future.

Internships provide an effective way for students to meet new people in their field, network and make contacts for the future as well as gaining references from those in their industry to add weight to CVs and job applications, all of which could help them to secure that all important first job after graduation.

Thinking of starting a business?

If you're more interested in working for yourself once you leave university, be sure to look at the articles, blogs, videos and toolkits on offer throughout both Mentor and Boost.

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Boost your business

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