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Using your debit & credit cards abroad

Register your card & travel details with us

Let us know you're going on holiday...

Register your travel details with us at least 24 hours before your trip, and we'll do our best to ensure your holiday spending isn't affected at all.


With our app it's easier than ever to tell us you're travelling so you can use you debit card abroad

You can do this by selecting the More menu and tap our 'Going abroad' section. 


You will be able to create one Travel Plan at a time, for a maximum period of 90 days, that includes up to seven countries. Each country will need to be registered individually. The Travel Plan will apply to debit cards only attached to accounts managed via Mobile Banking and only in your name. Joint account holders should register separately.

Step-by-step guide to Travel Plans on the mobile app

Download the app


Log in to Digital Banking to let us know you're going on holiday

Now you can register your travel plans via Digital Banking at least 24 hours before your trip. All you need to do is:


  • Log in to Digital Banking
  • Select 'Cards' from within the left hand menu
  • Select 'Using your debit card abroad' or 'Using your credit card abroad'
  • Register your travel plan details

Take a look at our handy video guide on adding your Travel Plans into Digital Banking

Register your Travel Plans in Digital Banking

Give us a call or pop into a branch

Here are the other options to let us know you're going on holiday...

You can also call Telephone Banking or pop in to your local branch where our staff would be happy to help do this for you. Just make sure you let us know at least 24 hours in advance.

Top tip: Make a note of our phone numbers before you travel, so that you can get in touch with us easily if you need to.

Keep on top of your spending abroad

Your time on holiday is precious so don't waste time worrying about your finances.

Download the app

Our mobile app lets you stay in touch with your account at a time that suits you. Beyond checking your balance you can:

Pay your bills and friends   Register your travel plans

Log in using your fingerprint

App available to Online Banking customers with a UK or international mobile number in specific countries

Learn more about the app

Get an Arranged Overdraft

For those unexpected costs on holiday you may like to get an Arranged Overdraft just in case:

Only pay interest and/or fees when you use it

Get an instant decision if you bank with us online

 Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply

Apply for an Arranged Overdraft Increase your Arranged Overdraft
Paying in Sterling abroad

When you use your card abroad, you can sometimes pay in sterling rather than local currency.  Paying this way is often more expensive than paying in the local currency as there could be a local charge. If you do pay in sterling, then the Non Sterling Transaction Fee on both Royal Bank of Scotland debit and credit cards will not apply.  Please note that if you withdraw cash abroad or in the UK using your credit card, regardless of currency, then a 3% cash fee will always apply.  

If you're withdrawing money from cash machines using your Royal Bank of Scotland debit or credit card, make sure you know your daily withdrawal limit.  But remember, you'll need to know what your limit is when converted to the country's currency.

Our fees and charges

This table does not reflect any charges which a third party might charge you (for example, commission rates or ATM fees).

Debit Card Charges (foreign currency or Sterling)  
Transaction type Charges
Sterling cash withdrawals from any UK cash machine (ATM) No charge*
Sterling cash withdrawals from any Royal Bank of Scotland branch in the UK, the Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Gibraltar
Sterling cash withdrawals in the UK in any bank, travel agent, bureau de change or other outlet displaying the Visa logo
Purchase of foreign currency or travellers cheques in the UK**
Foreign currency withdrawal from any cash machine (ATM) in the UK We will charge a Foreign Cash Fee of 2% of the value of the transaction (minimum £2, maximum £5). We will also charge a Non-Sterling Transaction Fee of 2.75% of the value of the transaction.If you elect for the transaction to be converted into Sterling at the point of sale or withdrawal, we will not charge a Non-Sterling Transaction Fee, however the transaction handler may charge you a separate fee.
Cash withdrawals or the purchases of currency or travellers cheques outside the UK
Purchases made outside the UK (for example, purchasing goods in a shop) We will charge a Foreign Purchase Fee of 2.75% of the value of the transaction (minimum £1).
Purchases made anywhere in a foreign currency (for example, online/telephone purchases made in or outside the UK)


Visa Payment Scheme Exchange Rate
Any transaction made in a foreign currency using your Debit card is converted by us into Sterling using the Visa Payment Scheme Exchange Rate. To see the up-to-date rates used for Debit cards visit and click on the Cardholders section.

Where a charge in the tables above is stated as a percentage, this is a percentage of the Sterling transaction amount.


Transaction withdrawal limit
In most cases, you can withdraw funds up to your ATM daily withdrawal limit, provided there are sufficient funds in your account. Within Europe some cash dispenser networks have imposed a maximum value per transaction of €150 (equivalent to around £135). To withdraw more than this you will have to carry out more than one transaction. 

There is a daily limit for cash withdrawals using a Visa Debit card in any other bank, travel agent, bureau de change or other outlet displaying the Visa logo. Details of the limit are available on request from your branch.
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