Ways to Bank


Sometimes, you can't beat a face-to-face chat

If you want to get something sorted then you might feel a bit of human interaction is in order. You have numerous options, from in-branch, through to mobile branches and community banking.

Sometimes face-to-face chats are necessary. No matter how much you love technology

Tap into the knowledge and expertise of trained staff and advisors who are on hand to help you out

Take advantage of improved self-serve machines in branch to save even more time

Locate your nearest branch

Just tap in your post code and your closest Royal Bank branch will show up on screen. Great if you're in a new town or new city... or if you need a reminder.

Important information about branch closures

We have recently announced that we will be closing a number of branches.

Closing a branch is a decision we don't take lightly, as we know how it can affect people in the local area. We’ll always work hard to guide you through the changes and find the best way to serve you from now on.

How we can help

How can we help

Over the counter

Our friendly staff are a super-knowledgeable bunch, and they're always happy to answer your questions and queries too. If something is bothering you and the info isn't online just pop in and say hello.


We've got ATM machines in branch, if you're unsure about something then our staff are on hand to help you out.

Cash and Deposit machines

We have introduced Cash and Deposit machines (CDMs) into selected branches too.

Coin in

The place to empty that giant bottle you've been filling with spare change for the last three years. Tip them in and we give you a voucher to swap for notes at the counter.

Our TechXperts

To be found in branches around the country are our wonderfully knowledgeable TechXperts. These lot know a thing or two about technology and they're on hand, in-branch, to help you get to grips with anything digital.

Other ways you can bank with us face to face

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Post Office® banking

Not near a Royal Bank branch? We’ve increased the number of services available at thousands of Post Office outlets across the UK giving you more choice as to how you choose to bank with us!
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Mobile branches

A handy service for your community. If you don’t work or live near one of our branches, then you might appreciate us coming to you. Our mobile branch service could help make life a little easier - it's basically a bank on wheels. Customers visiting the mobile branch bank will be able to carry out a range of personal banking transactions onboard, from paying bills to cashing cheques.
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Community Bankers

Community Bankers work in areas recently affected by branch closures, with a particular focus on rural communities. We are committed to ensuring customers are able to continue accessing quality banking services. Our Community Bankers get to know the local communities, engage with local groups and provide training and education on issues such as fraud and scams protection in the local area. Please contact your branch for more details.

Video Banking

Our Video Banking service provides you with face-to-face banking from the convenience and comfort of a location of your choice, ideal if you can't make it into a branch or don’t have a branch nearby. You’ll receive the same sense of personal interaction you’d experience with a branch appointment; a qualified, professional banker can provide a range of services, from a Financial Health Check to taking out a loan.

Something else we can help you with?

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