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Going paperless

Choosing to get your documents electronically not only means you’ll have less post cluttering your home, it means you’ll be helping cut paper waste too.

You can switch each of your accounts to get paperless statements, paperless mail or both.

Get your documents online or in the app

Getting your statements online means you can access and search up to 7 years of statement history through Digital Banking.

Making the switch to paperless mail also means the latest correspondence we send you will be available through your Digital Banking or the mobile app Mailbox rather than by post. We’ll even send you an alert to let you know when you’ve got new mail.

And should you change your mind, you can switch back to paper any time you like!

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What you'll need

Access to Digital Banking

You’ll need an account which is eligible to switch to paperless statements or correspondence

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Your step-by-step guide

  1. 01

    Login to Digital Banking

  2. 02

    Select “Paperless settings” from the left hand menu

  3. 03

    Once you’re on the “Paperless settings” page select the ‘Online’ option to switch your statements or other mail to paperless for your account

  4. 04

    Don’t forget to check we have your email address when switching to paperless

  5. 05

    Click, next and follow the onscreen instructions to confirm your paperless settings



    If you go paperless and choose online statements, you’ll find them within the Statements section of Digital Banking.

    Other mail: 

    If you switch your other mail to online, we’ll send your mail to your Digital Banking Mailbox. 

    Note: You can switch some or all of your accounts to paperless, and you can switch back to paper at any time should you need to

What you'll need

Access to our App

A Royal Bank Mastercard credit card

It's quick and easy to switch your Royal Bank of Scotland Mastercard to paperless statements through our app.

Your step-by-step guide

  1. 01

    Log into the app and navigate to your Royal Bank of Scotland Mastercard

  2. 02

    Select the 'Statements' option, then choose 'Delivery preferences'

  3. 03

    Select the 'Paperless statements' option to switch your credit card to paperless statements


    You can switch back to paper statements at any time.


    Your next steps:

    To switch your other accounts to paperless statements or paperless mail, just login to Digital Banking and select the ‘Paperless settings’ option from the left hand menu.


Learn more about your Digital Banking or mobile app Mailbox

When you opt for paperless mail, we’ll send your correspondence digitally to your Digital Banking Mailbox, rather than by post.  You can access correspondence we’ve sent you by logging into Digital Banking or your mobile app and clicking the 'Mailbox' option.

We’ll send you an alert to let you know when you have a new item of mail to view online (you can choose an email alert, SMS or both)

All mail you receive in your Mailbox is available in PDF format for you to view, download or print

You can save a copy of your mail after downloading, should you wish to keep a permanent copy

If you switch to paperless correspondence, we may occasionally still send selected important mail to you by post.


Learn more about paperless statements

Digital Banking

To view up to 7 years of statements online, first log into Digital Banking and click the ‘Statements’ option in the left hand menu. Select the “View, save and print PDF statements and certificates of interest” option and from there you can choose which account and which statement you want to see.


Mobile Banking

You can view up to 24 months of credit card statements via our Mobile App.  To view your statement, login to the app and tap on your Royal Bank of Scotland credit card, then select the ‘statement’ option.

Then simply choose which of your statements you want see.  You can view, download or share a PDF copy of your credit card statement using the app.

Your next steps

To view, print or download statements for your other accounts, simply login to Digital Banking and select the ‘Statements’ option.

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