Apple Watch - Mobile banking app | Royal Bank of Scotland

Banking on your Apple Watch

Check your balance, view transactions and Get Cash without your debit card

Set up guide

Enrol for Royal Bank for Apple Watch through the Royal Bank mobile app on your paired iPhone. An iPhone 5 or higher is required.  

A new way to manage your money

Check your balance on the move


With Royal Bank for Apple Watch you will be able to see the balance on the main account you hold with us as well as the amount of money you have available.

View your recent transactions


With Royal Bank for Apple Watch you can view your last 10 transactions on your main account. Click on a transaction to see more details.

Get cash without your debit card


Withdraw up to £130 every 24 hours without your debit card. Choose an amount and get a secure code that can be used at any Royal Bank (in Scotland), NatWest or Tesco cash machine.

Keeping you secure

We have a secure registration process

  • Only one Apple Watch can be paired with an iPhone at any given time
  • You can enable/disable Royal Bank for Apple Watch whenever you want from within your mobile app

We use sophisticated encryption to keep your information safe

  • The Apple Watch must be close to the paired iPhone for Royal Bank for Apple Watch to work.
  • They are connected via encrypted Bluetooth which has a range of approximately 33ft.

We automatically cover you with our Mobile Security Promise

  • You will continue to be protected by our Secure Banking Promise even after you enable Royal Bank for Apple Watch provided you’ve kept your security information secret.

We passcode protect your app

  • If you set up a passcode on your Apple Watch, once it loses contact with your wrist then the only way to regain access to the Royal Bank for Apple Watch is by entering the passcode for your Apple Watch first.
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